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CALL Community Pantry

- Anyone in need of grocery assistance is welcome - 


Our Pantry is filled BY the local community

                                               and distributed TO the local community.


  • Grocery Assistance Program

    • CALL provides weekly groceries, free of charge, to individuals and families in need.

  • School Snack Program

    • CALL supports low income school children by providing healthy snacks to local schools.

  • Summer Lunch Program - June  through August

    • CALL provides extra grocery supplies to families who require meal support during summer months when free school lunches are not available.

  • Holiday Program

    • CALL provides special Holiday meal packages throughout the year. Client sign up forms for the 2018 Holiday Season will be available beginning October 1st, 2018.


- CALL Primrose does not provide financial assistance or housing -


Phone: 650-342-2255