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Volunteer at CALL Primrose Center.


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Consider CALL for tax deductible  financial contributions.


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     CALL Welcomes your
In-kind securities gifts




"I love volunteering at CALL. They have a very small staff, so they rely on volunteers to help them provide groceries for those in need. "
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Current Volunteer Opportunities:


Thank you for inquiring about volunteer opportunities at CALL Primrose. We often have front desk and pantry positions open. Our shifts run Monday through Friday, between 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM or 12:00 PM to 3:00 PM.


Front Desk Shifts – Volunteers will assist clients on the phone or in person at CALL Primrose Center (Front Desk Volunteers must be age 18 or older) and carry out various pantry duties when time permits. 


Pantry Helpers – Volunteers will prepare grocery bags, wash and store produce, stock shelves and unload, sort and shelve donated items. (Pantry Helpers must be age 18 or older with the exception of our Summer Student Program) Minimal to no client interaction.


Summer Student Program - Starting April 1st 2020, high school students, or students entering the ninth grade in the Fall of 2020, may sign up for Pantry Helper shifts. These shifts will start in June and run through the end of August, Monday through Friday, from 10am to noon and from 1pm to 3pm. Students may serve up to one shift per week (based on shift availability).  Students must provide name, contact phone number, age, school, and email address. Pantry Helper shifts will be offered on a first come, first served basis.
Students Younger than High School - There is currently no availability at our CALL Primrose location for students who are not yet in, or entering high school in the Fall of 2020.  Young volunteers can earn service hours through CALL by organizing food drives to collect much needed items from CALL's wish list.


Our current Volunteer Policy requires that all volunteers, 18 years and older, who work on the premises participate in and pass a background screening. We have partnered with "Verified Volunteers", which is an organization that specializes in the background screening needs of volunteer organizations.


If interested in any of the above volunteer opportunities, please contact us at



We look forward to hearing from you!

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Donate Money



Monetary Donations are used to purchase groceries ensuring that our clients have a variety of healthy options to feed themselves and their families. ​

Because of recent safety concerns due to the COVID-19 virus, we are  currently unable to accept donations of food or other items at this time. 


Your monetary donations is greatly appreciated so that we remain able to help our community members in need. 



Please consider a donation to CALL Primrose today!

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Donate Stocks


Thank you for considering an in-kind donation of marketable securities to our organization. As CALL is a non-profit organization with third party groups who have the role of investment manager, it is the policy of this organization to liquidate stock immediately upon receipt.  The possible transaction cost of this sale is considered small compared to the risk of loss that can be experienced with delay in the sale of the stock. We assume your donation is consistent with our policy of immediate liquidation of any non-cash gifts.  To make a donation of marketable securities, please click the link at the bottom of the page for instructions.

The date of contribution is the date that your stock is delivered to DTC (Depository Trust Corporation) , in the CALL Primrose account handled by Merrill Lynch. A generally accepted valuation method of your marketable security would be the average of the high and low selling prices on the date of contribution, multiplied by the number of shares donated.  CALL will acknowledge your contribution reflecting  the number of shares donated, and the date of your contribution.  Please note that such securities received between December 15th and January 10th may have delays in selling or acknowledgement due to a typically low level of staff or business closure during this period each year.  Please also note that any donations other than cash or marketable securities will be reviewed for acceptance by the CALL Board of Directors and in keeping with any policies or restrictions of the CALL Bylaws and Investment Policy Statement.

Proceeds from the sale of the stock are considered unrestricted, contributed income unless the donor has imposed a restriction as a condition of the gift in which case procedures for accounting for restricted contributions will be followed.  All such proceeds will be distributed to the operating account of CALL Primrose and used for general operating costs or other purposes.


Again, CALL thanks you for your donation and support of our philanthropic mission.



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Be Creative...


Consider Those Less Fortunate At Your Next Event

Rather than gifts for yourself or your home, ask your attendees to make a donation to, or volunteer at CALL.

CALL Thanks You for Your Donation!

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Creative Ways to Help
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